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29th March – 1st April


Director: Jason Lower

Over the past year a wide variety of our members have been involved in crafting this exciting new piece of theatre. Set at an after show party, it explores the fears and dreams of a group of teenagers. A relationship in peril; someone on the run; and a house that may or may not survive. This is the first stage work completely devised and developed by our group.



22nd – 29th April

by Philip Goulding

Director: Sara Lacey

Margaret has been a widow for thirty years ..… Milton is a divorced American ….. their paths unexpectedly cross. What follows is humorous, poignant and heartening. However high Margaret has built her defences, perhaps her soul is just waiting for her to dare to take the plunge and continue on life’s path in the company of another ….. or perhaps not.

20th – 27th May

by David Tristram

Director: Pamela Murphy

Usually known for his farces and fantasies, David Tristram now gives us a tragi-comedy. John is the obvious future leader of the Green Party, with great vision and charisma – but he also has a problem. He is suffering from an extremely rare illness from which, apparently, there is only one possible way out – “Go green….or die!”

24th June – 1st July

by Philip Meeks

Director: Nadia Higson

Margaret Rutherford is to star as Miss Marple – to the annoyance of Agatha Christie, since the large and exuberant actress is nothing like her bird-like creation. Then Agatha realizes that Margaret has a secret, and, in this moving, dark comedy, turns sleuth herself to find it out. Meanwhile a genteel spinster knits and watches the pair of them with wry amusement.