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Audition Information - Seasons 2016/17


by Jerome K. Jerome and adapted for the stage by Daniel O’Brien

Philip Holden apologises but, after a number of requests, he has moved the audition from the dates quoted in last month’s Oast Notes to the following:-

Audition: Friday, 17th . March – 7.30 p.m. in the Janet Young Room

Performance dates: 22nd. – 29th. July

Director: Phillip Holden – 0790 4021382 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Three male characters – J/Jerome – Jerome K. Jerome. Actor/aspiring writer.

Harris – Perhaps physically larger than J.

George – Some musical ability. Works in a Bank.

All aged 20s – 40s The characters are only briefly sketched (and, to some extent, interchangeable) so the casting will depend on getting the right mix. When the story takes place (1890s) the three are in their 20s, but, as they are looking back and recounting the stories, they could be in their 30s or 40s. More important is that they fit together and could conceivably be best friends.

The actors will need to be able to sing. There are (as it stands) 11 pieces of music – sung or performed in one way or another. I’m likely to ask an actor to play the trombone (badly) and all three actors to learn to play some tunes on the ukulele. I’ve already identified a uke teacher! Actors will need to be able to move (!) and they will, in effect, build the set as they go along. A certain amount of falling over, balancing and climbing as well as falling into the river etc. may be called for as well as audience interaction. There is certainly mime involved – acting with only rudimentary props or costumes to evoke strong comic characters in a series of sketches where the challenge is to distinguish each scene and each moment. Actors will switch between the friends, the characters they each portray, directly addressing the audience and…being the dog Montmorency! Rehearsals may be flexible to some extent as it’s a small cast but we are starting early and gently as soon after casting as we can (probably from 10th. April) for some early readings, workshops, music and general larking about. For the audition I’d like you to prepare a piece, though you don’t need to learn it – Jerome’s long speech on p.60. If you are interested and need a script and the audition piece, contact me – Phil Holden – Director.