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The OastYour Community Theatre...

What was once a simple 19th century Kentish oast house, in use until 1966, became the Oast Theatre in 1974 and home to one of the most prolific theatre and arts clubs in the county. There are ten major public productions a year, together with three Youth Theatre productions and one from our junior group, the Hoppers.  Our thriving Art Group has its own studio in one of the roundels and holds an annual exhibition. The Tonbridge Theatre & Arts Club is a registered charity, owned and managed by its members on a volunteer basis, with its objectives being the fostering of theatre and the arts.

A special thank you goes to the team at Dude and Arnette who visited The Oast Theatre back in December and were set the task of stopping the birds getting into our Kiln roofs. They had to remove both of our oast cowls and refurbish the structure within. Whilst doing this their expert team made two sets of bespoke covers to fit the top of the Kiln roofs, further maintaining their work. After the fantastic refurbishment the oasts are now in great condition and the shows may continue! We have worked with the team at Dude and Arnette now for over 25 years and highly recommend them, if you need to maintain your oast cowls visit Dude and Arnette